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Finding accommodation in the Czech republic


In the Czech Republic you can choose from a variety of types of accommodation, from hotels to guest houses and hostels through to the short term rentals Prague. You can be accommodated in private, in apartments or in private cabins and cottages.
The quickest is to seek accommodation in the Czech Republic over the internet . Wider offer on Czech servers , such as the Tourist Portal of the Czech Republic CZeCOT or TravelGuide where the available information is not only about hotels, hostels and guest houses , but also on camping or cottage settlements. On the Czech servers commonly found not only hotels but also small pensions, which welcomes its guests in almost family atmosphere.

Arranging hotel accommodation in the Czech Republic also offers international booking sites that offer this service worldwide. Among the well-known and popular include server company , whose website is available in 31 languages or , web available in 32 languages.

Accommodation in the Czech Republic can also book through a travel agent , whether Czech or partner agencies abroad . Of course you can also book accommodation themselves , ie directly at the hotel or guesthouse. Rack rates at hotels , however, are usually the highest. Travel agencies and tour operators usually have negotiated better prices , sometimes even significantly lower due to higher volumes of orders. So it is worth to compare the offers , especially if it is a superior hotel .

Wide list of accommodation places , from hotels and guesthouses across cottages to campsites can be found on the website of the Association of Tourist Information Centres of the Czech Republic in the section Accommodation and catering.

Especially among young people are popular hostels or youth hostels , which offer multiple rooms , most with shared bathrooms . Also in the Czech Republic have them today you will find a large number , especially in large cities. There are sites dedicated only for accommodation in hostels , Czech and international . Among the widely used include

Hotel accommodation or private rooms are not the only option. You can also rent the cottages. Short-term rental of entire recreational property , for example, for a week vacation , you can choose a book over dedicated servers and travel agencies. The best known include TourTrend or Interbohemia . Rent holiday property in the Czech Republic also offers an international agency Interhome , which was founded in Switzerland and has its offices in almost all European countries.

And there is another option . You can stay in camps . You can come with your own tent or caravan . Many camps is also equipped with electricity connections , water and sanitation for recreational vehicles ( mobile home , mobile homes ) . In some camps can be equipped tents , caravans, mobile homes or cabins to rent . The cottage is a good idea to check the advance rate facilities , which indeed applies to the camps themselves .


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