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Solid wood furniture for people offering beautiful, healthy and long coexistence


Wood was on our territory has always been one of the most widely used materials, whether for construction or household equipment. Although our lifestyle changes, solid wood products in it are still in place, and perhaps even why. Wood in our homes, at least in part, helps us maintain lost contact with nature.

The advantages of solid wood furniture, a lot has already been said, but at least some of them repeat.

Solid wood furniture for people offering beautiful, healthy and long coexistence

Environmental features

First of all, wood is one hundred percent organic material. It is produced by us from sustainable forests, the production itself has minimal impact on the environment and even those products that after long years passes, environmental burden.

Durability and Beauty

We definitely can not omit the natural charm of wood, its fragrance and inimitably pleasant feeling which reciprocates our every touch. Well-made solid wood furniture will last much longer than the furniture of his imitations and cheaper materials. Another advantage is the easy solution with less damage. Damaged area just sanded and re-adjust the oil or wax. Solid wood furniture also tired because parts of its design is also the natural wood grain in which is hidden so much charm that you can discover the secret of his lifetime.

 Healthy Living

That, in the kitchen of solid wood is a pleasure to cook it in the bedroom with all-wood furniture simply wonderful sleeping or that your child will feel comfortable in the den smelling resin, apparently not even need to indicate any special theory. Coexistence with wood is very healthy for longer natural essence of the material. Recall that it is breathable, has a certain capacity to absorb toxic gases and vapors and also has a good heat storage characteristics. Wooden products are a guarantee that the room will eventually release any harmful substances (formaldehyde, etc.), as it may be equipped with furniture made of chipboard. Wood submitted to a certain extent also serve as an indicator of a healthy environment. Maintains proper microclimate in the room partly due to its ability to absorb or release moisture from the air. In the event that the wooden furniture is likely to shrink, cracks, twists or swells, it means that we live in a low-contrast or high relative humidity, which also harms the human organism.
 Joiners in Bohemia

Range of solid wood furniture in the country is given already high proportion of forest in the landscape, the Czech Republic ranks among the countries with a long tradition of skilled carpenters. When you were with us in 1948 as a small private production impossible, wood from our forests is lavishly exported for processing abroad and furniture with solid wood became scarce. In order to quality carpenter forgotten, but fortunately this was not enough and the unfortunate trend today is also rising consumer demand for solid wood furniture made by Czech manufacturers.


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