With more people rent accrues to the new disadvantageous conditions


When closing completely new lease contracts due to rent increases landlords sometimes subtly trying to use this opportunity and propose terms that nájemníkova right is considerably reduced. A typical example is the change in the contract from the time of indefinite-term contracts.

Such tightening, many people before signing the contract or notice and are then unpleasantly surprised by the consequences of his step.

If the landlord rents closure offers an entirely new contract and the tenant to proceed, he should read the text carefully and compare it carefully with the existing contract.

With more people rent accrues to the new disadvantageous conditions

It pays to consult with a specialist, preferably with a lawyer. If unáhlíte and sign a contract that will disadvantage, unable to do anything you normally do.

After rent regulation, which has already occurred in most municipalities will increasingly occur between landlords and tenants to agreements to increase rents.

There are two conceivable options. Be the change contracts, so-called amendment to the contract, which part of the contract changes or closing entirely new contract.

The tenant is much more advantageous contract only change the part that relates to rents. This gives assurance that all other parts of the contract remain unchanged.

In this case, the agreement may be either an increase in one paper written and signed by both parties, or is it sufficient if the tenant to the landlord a written proposal also responds in writing that his proposal was accepted. Beyond that nothing needs scheduling.

New automatically invalidate old
Parties to a lease, and still conclude a new, should be careful not to snag one. The new contract still must explicitly cancel the old. Not here, then, that the new contract automatically cancels the previous one.

"The new (additional) tenancy can only be to the apartment, which is legally free, ie such that occurred in the same moment another tenancy relationship exists, whether its between a landlord and a third party, or even the same landlord and tenant. Otherwise, the lease in question was null and void, "the example of the Supreme Court decision No. 26 Cdo 1551 from 2006.

Transition of
While the rent increase requires contractual arrangements in some other cases it is not needed. For example, when a person changes the landlord, or if one of the spouses during the marriage becomes a tenant, creating a shared flat renting. Common flat renting is obtained directly from the law.

When transferring the lease, when the testator dies and Tenancy passes to persons who meet the legal requirements, it is also necessary to conclude a new agreement with the landlord. The new tenant is just entering the deceased tenant rights.

Replacing flats
The exchange of rental apartments prior judicial experience required to be concluded a new lease agreement whose conditions may vary from the original contracts.

According to recent case law (Supreme Court) is not necessary that a new tenant has entered into a new contract with the owner. It is considered that the replacement flat new tenant enters the position of the former tenant, with the content of the lease is unchanged.

The exchange of the apartment is to be noted that a condition of the agreement on the exchange of the consent of the landlord.

It is true that if the landlord refuses without justifiable reason, agree to exchange the apartment, upon the motion of his tenant by the landlord will replace speech. Since the effectiveness of most sections of the amendment to the Civil Code, it is from 1 November 2011, but the court has such authority would.


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